2022 NEFL Merchandise

This design showcases one of our well-loved wild nesting pairs. Featured are Samson, Gabrielle, Rocket, and Jasper. This season we are offering a variety of merchandise, in a variety of colors! We have shirts, mugs, stickers, and tote bags.

Get your NEFL gear and show your love for this family!

Simply click on the text below the product image to purchase, this will redirect you to the American Eagle Foundation store on TeeSpring.


Each year the American Eagle Foundation works with individuals, state agencies, and organizations to request that all states issue a gubernatorial proclamation that recognizes June 20th as American Eagle Day.


June 20th commemorates the anniversary of the bald eagle’s selection as our national symbol on the Great Seal in 1782.  Today, it serves as a reminder of the bald eagle’s status as a conservation success story and celebrates the eagle’s triumphant return from near extinction.


A Proclamation is a special document written and signed by a Governor that recognizes a commemorative day, week, or month in their state.

In 1995, at the request of the American Eagle Foundation, President Bill Clinton and Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist each proclaimed the first American Eagle Day. Since then, Governors from a combined total of 49 states (and two Mayors) have signed Proclamations or Letters of Recognition giving our National Bird, the Bald Eagle, its own “official day” in their state/city!

Find out if American Eagle Day has already been proclaimed in your state this year.

Visit the proclamation history page to find out. If your state hasn’t issued a proclamation, email for more information.

Share the photograph on social media and hashtag #americaneagleday. Encourage your friends to visit and participate as well! Tag the President and the American Eagle Foundation!