Romeo and Juliet, the original builders and residents of this nest, have left us with wonderful memories over the past several years as we watched them raise their eaglets each nesting season. Since 2008 Romeo & Juliet returned to this same nest, located 80′ above the ground in a Slash Pine tree, completing a new cycle of nestorations, egg laying, and raising their offspring. The nest is sizable, likely weighing close to a ton.

However, the 2018-2019 season was very different, as several large mature eagles disturbed the peace and tranquility of this nest. The expectations of the season ended in heartache as Juliet returned to the nest with an injury and was subsequently driven from the nest by a rival just days before the eggs were to hatch, leaving Romeo to do the work of two. When an egg hatched on Christmas Day 2018, a female eagle following Romeo to the nest swooped down and took the hatchling. The following day, Romeo left the area and neither Romeo nor Juliet has been seen since.

Eventually, a male eagle began appearing with regularity, and was subsequently identified as Samson, an offspring of Romeo & Juliet from the 2013 nesting season. Different female eagles appeared at various times, sometimes with Samson; sometimes alone. One very vocal yet peaceful eagle in particular appeared to have his attention more than others, and she was named A2. By photo comparison, it was determined A2 was not the eagle that took the hatchling.

Samson and A2 are now a bonded pair and are frequently seen together at the nest and perching in other trees. They are mating, making nestorations, and we eagerly await the unfolding of another season as the legacy of the Hamlet continues.

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