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Challenger’s Story: America’s Famous Free Flying Eagle

Written by Sally Moorer and Al Cecere
Illustrated by Mike Lambert
Songs written and performed by James Rogers
Narrated by Dolly Parton


NOW BACK IN STOCK!  Born To Be is a book about Challenger, America’s most famous free flying eagle.

Who would have believed an eaglet blown from his wild nest during a storm and involved in several life threatening situations would turn his near tragedies into so many triumphs? Challenger faced personal battles and bounced back to overcome his hardships. He did not give up and neither did the people who have supported him with their care and love.

Through Challenger’s life and purpose on Earth, others have come to understand their own purpose as well. He truly knows what he was “Born To Be.” Al Cecere, President of the American Eagle Foundation, the AEF staff, Dolly Parton, James Rogers, Ken Bell, Daniel Rodriguez, John Stokes, Bob Hatcher, and George Steinbrenner’s lives interconnected in an effort to make a difference in Challenger’s life and  made a difference in their own lives and a positive impact in this world!

Dolly Parton creatively narrates the story and captures the essence and true heart of Challenger and the people who united together for a common dream and greater cause. This story is appropriate for elementary-aged children or younger.

The book includes a CD with the story narration by Dolly Parton, a wonderful heart touching song called “Born To Be” composed by James Rogers and “When Challenger Flies.” The lyrics to the songs are also included in the book. Sally Moorer, of Marion, VA is also the author of Fly Eagle Fly.

The 16 page book is beautifully  illustrated by Mike Lambert, chief ranger in a Virginia State Park, with 16 colorful pictures depicting the important people and events in Challenger’s life.
It is said that when you read a book that story becomes part of your life. This book , music, narration, illustrations , Challenger and the people in this story will stay in your heart forever!.

Soft cover – 11″ x 8 1/2″


Born To Be


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