This is an incredible true story about a man who wields his visceral passion for birds and flight that ultimately leads to giving a one-winged Bald Eagle a second chance to fly. Follow John Stokes as he takes you down the remarkable path of his life, from his early fascination with sparrows to later establishing a bird rehabilitation program where he meets Osceola, the eagle that changes his life. Learn about John’s influences and events that lead to his goal to work with eagles. The reader will feel John’s heartbreak, disappointment and eventual triumph as he returns Osceola to the sky in their historic hang gliding flights.

John Stokes was born in New Albany, Mississippi. He has had a lifelong interest in birds and flight. He has been a hang glider pilot since 1975 and has worked professionally with birds since 1977. John currently resides near Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife, Dale Kernahan.

The book is 324 pages and measures 6″ x 9″

An Eagle’s Sky: My Life As A Birdman


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