Eagle Mountain Sanctuary encompasses 400,000 square feet on the side of a very steep, heavily wooded hillside in the Dollywood Theme Park. The Bald Eagles residing within Eagle Mountain Sanctuary are all permanently physically disabled and would not be able to survive in the wild. These birds are cared for daily by AEF staff who provide fresh water and food and who visually ensure that the Eagles are in good health. They are given full physicals once a year when their enclosures are inspected and renovated.

Eagle Mountain Sanctuary is divided into five compartments. Several contain nesting pairs—which can be adopted separately. The largest enclosure is called the ‘Pick-A-Mate’ section. It is the home of eligible bachelor and bachelorettes Eagles—all with physical disabilities but with at least partial flight ability. The smallest enclosure, called ‘Lower Level’ is located on level ground separate from the main exhibit, and Eagles who have little to no flight ability (wing amputations) live in this naturally landscaped enclosure. Through the years, many of our Bald Eagle breeding pairs have resulted from two Eagles from these sections choosing each other as mates, at which point they are given their own private enclosure with the hope that they will reproduce and raise Eaglets that will be released into the wild.

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