AEF Presents New Logo

October 11, 2019

We are excited to present the new American Eagle Foundation logo!

In the past year, the American Eagle Foundation began repositioning itself as a dynamic force in wildlife conservation. With a new Executive Director at the helm, investment in internal infrastructure and a calibration of vision, AEF is poised to achieve a lasting impact in its new mission pillars of Conservation, Education and Rehabilitation. Though the return of bald eagles to our skies is a tremendous conservation success story, threats to natural habitats continue to plague all birds of prey.

In this new logo, Challenger fittingly serves as the centerpiece. His inclusion pays homage to past logos, honoring both his legacy and his innumerable contributions to bald eagle conservation. Combined with modern, crisp and approachable elements, this logo echoes our very first logo in one important way: Challenger’s beak is opened wide, mid triumphant call.  His cry serves as a call to action.

Challenger’s call warns us that bald eagles—and all birds of prey—are still subject to widespread persecution, death by pollutants and poisons, and loss of habitat. In June 2019, the American Eagle Foundation announced American Eagle Day 2020, a national take-action event focused on protecting our wildlife habitats and the birds of prey who call them home. Please join us on June 20, 2020 to take part in this habitat clean up initiative, ensuring that Challenger’s cry and the calls of all birds of prey, continue to echo throughout our skies!  Visit to learn more.

Special acknowledgements:

Artistic Imagery: Spencer Williams

Logo Design: Aaron Barnhart