Species: Buteo platypterus, Broad-winged Hawk   •   Born: 2014    •   Gender: Male   •   Disability: Fractured pelvis, damaged tail feathers

Charger was found on the side of the road, possibly hit by a car. After being taken to the Sevier County Animal Clinic and then to the UT Veterinary Hospital in Knoxville, veterinarians concluded that he had multiple fractures to his pelvis and spine.

In order for surgery to be done, the veterinarians had to remove what was left of his tail feathers. Due to the length of time needed for the tail feathers to grow back, and because of all the human handling at such a young age, he was brought to the American Eagle Foundation to live as an educational bird.

Sadly, Charger got a concussion during a training session. He passed away shortly after on December 16th, 2016.