Species: Caracara cheriway, Crested CaraCara   •   Hatch Year: Unknown   •   Sex: Male   •   Disability: Injured Right Wing/Wrist

Elvis came to us in August 2016 from Treasure Coast Wildlife Center in Palm City, Florida. He was injured in January 2010 from an apparent gunshot wound to the right wrist. Unfortunately, he was only able to regain limited flight ability. Since he was already an adult when he was injured, we are unsure of his age. Since arriving at the AEF, he has adapted quickly to glove-training and starring in educational outreach programs. Elvis got his name from his sleek black hair and a small quiver/shake in his wing when he stands (resembling the Elvis’s dance moves).


The Crested Caracara is a member of the falcon family. As opportunistic feeders, they spend most of their time flipping over rocks, logs, and bark for grubs, slugs, insects, amphibians, and other reptiles. They’ll also eat rodents and even patrol roadways or follow turkey vultures to find carrion.

Crested Caracaras are found in southern Florida, Arizona, Texas, as well as South and Central America. They are the national bird of Mexico! Sometimes called the Mexican Buzzard or the Mexican Eagle.