Species: Corvus corax, Raven   •   Born: Unknown     •   Gender: Female   •   Disability: Wing Injury, Human Imprint

‘Poe’ came to the American Eagle Foundation in 2009. We are unsure of her age because she was full grown when she was brought into captivity from Balsam Mountain Trust in North Carolina.

She is non-releasable because of a previous wing injury that has permanently impaired her flight. She is also a human imprint which means Poe doesn’t quite realize that she is a raven, but rather thinks that she is one of us.

Poe has a very important job here at the American Eagle Foundation! She occasionally opens up the Wings of America Birds of Prey Show and demonstrates to audiences that she can recycle by ‘throwing away’ old bottles and cans into a trash can.


The raven is part of the Corvid family, which is thought to be the smartest of bird groups. They are easily trained and have been known to solve problems in different situations, sometimes using tools to do so.