Installation of HD Video Cams at NEFL Bald Eagle Nest 

It’s a major task to install the equipment necessary to videostream a wild nest. Many people were involved, including donors, tree climbers, arborists, video camera technicians, electricians, wildlife conservation experts, property owners, cable TV technicians, webmasters, nest-watch volunteers, etc.

The American Eagle Foundation is very grateful for all those people who made a contribution of their support, cooperation, time, and expertise: Al Cecere, Laura Sterbens, Kevin Tierney, JES Hardware Solutions, Carolyn Stalcup, Doug LaFortune, Brian Gould, Richard Cervi, Mark Lutzka, Donald “DJ” Arana, Mike ___, Bob Hatcher, Chris Brey, Gilad Gershoni, Kyle Tierney, John Butler, Gretchen Butler, Glenn Gouldey, Tom Cusa, the local Fire Department, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission, and various AEF staff, volunteers, moderators, and zoomers. We thank those involved who gave the American Eagle Foundation permission to install our cameras on their private property.

Very Important:

The American Eagle Foundation was given the special privilege of placing their cameras and equipment on private and protected property. The AEF is under strict agreement with the property owners to never disclose the location of the nest, and, more importantly, to protect the resident eagles and their nest tree. Please respect this request. The area is closed to the public. Please respect these requirements and requests.

Pictures below show the nest, the eagles, and the installation of equipment.
Photos not otherwise credited are by Tatine Rehm.

The nest sits about 80' up in a tall pine tree.

The nest sits about 80′ up in a tall pine tree.

Dad Eagle -

Dad Eagle – Romeo.

Close-up of Juliet.

Close-up of Juliet.

Juveniles from the nest practicing flight behaviors (branching)

Juveniles from the nest practicing flight behaviors (branching).

Installation of camera equipment.

Installation of camera equipment. Photo: Gretchen Butler


Dad with 6-week-old eaglet in nest.

Dad with 6-week-old eaglet in nest.

Mom Eagle -

Mom Eagle – Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Eagles perched in favorite tree. Photo: Gretchen Butler.


Juvenile eaglet from nest “wingerizing.”

Camera installed!

Camera installed! Photo: Doug LaFortune.