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The American Eagle Foundation is located in Pigeon Forge.
We hope you will enjoy our photos.


On-Park Pigeon Forge Facility
Our spectacular Wings of America birds of prey show is presented in an open-air theater located on the Dollywood park. It features an up-close look at eagles, hawks, falcons, owls and vultures...some in dramatic free-flying form. The show can be seen several times a day from early April through late October. For times and tickets, please follow this link.

Wings Of America Theater

Wings of America Theatre

Bonita, a Crested Cara Cara

Bonita, a Crested Cara Cara

  Mike and Jessie

Our red-tailed hawk, Jessie

Would  you trust this crow?

Tuck, an African Pied Crow, takes money from a visitor
and deposits it in the box!


Osceola with Mike

Osceola, our poster-eagle bird, is a favorite star in our
Wings Over America show

Show Bird Facility

Show Bird Facility

Show Bird Facility and Theater

Show Bird Facility and Theater

Habitat nest

Many of our permanently disabled Bald Eagles reside on a forested hillside within the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary aviary on the Dollywood park. It is the largest aviary presentation of non-releasable Bald Eagles in the world and can be viewed by the public from early April through late December. This particular nest is the home of Independence" and "Franklin."

  Wings of America Store at Dollywood

The Eagles' Nest gift shop is located next to the aviary and bird show theater, and offers a wide selection of eagle collectibles and merchandise for purchase by the public.

AviaryThis is the largest aviary presentation of non-releasable Bald Eagles in the world.

Eagles in the habitatA vast habitat offers a natural setting for these non-releasable eagles. Many have limited flight and enjoy flying up in the trees.



Off-park Pigeon Forge Facility
Our off-site location consists of raptor rehabilitation facilities, such as flight enclosures; housing for all non-releasable birds trained for educational purposes; breeding and exercise facilities; quarantine facilities; and administrative offices.

Road to AEFLocated on a 12-acre plot of land nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is home to the American Eagle Foundation. This road leads to the AEF facilities. Dollywood provides funding for the American Eagle Foundation and we are located on their property.
Facilities Overview Facilities Overview
Our officeOur main office houses a library, conference room, several staff offices, staff kitchen, merchandise room and toolroom. There is also an eagle egg incubation room and chick rearing room located in the building.
One of the barnsThis is where we house all non-releasable birds trained for educational purposes. We have 37 bird enclosures in this building. Each bird has its own enclosure, but is taken outside on a regular basis to enjoy the sunshirne and fresh air. Those that can fly are free-flown outside and during educational programs.
The next series of photos were taken inside the barn.
The central hallwayA central hall separates two rows of individual enclosures on both ends of the building (photo shows one end only). Each day the floor and bird enclosures are hosed down and cleaned.
Food freezersFood freezers contain favorite bird treats, such as quail, trout, beef heart, rats, and the ever-popular mice. Careful records are kept daily for each bird (see chart on doors).
Food prep areaThis is the food preparation area
SamsonInside one of the private rooms lives Samson, a barred owl. He's a bird that can no longer survive in the wild because he was orphaned, rescued, and exposed to people.
Challenger is weighedChallenger is in the "bird-weighing room" with Kevin Buchanan, who's checking to see if Challenger is at a healthy weight. Our birds are monitored daily to ensure their total health and fitness.
The next series of photographs are of the breeding and exercising facilities
eagle and condor buildingEagles and condors enjoy this spacious facility. Each breeding enclosure measures 35 feet x 40 feet x 20 feet high. On the right side is an eagle / raptor flight and excercise enclosure that is 150 feet x 20 feet x 20 feet high.
Shows the deck of the flight and exercise enclosure.This picture is the same as above, except that you can see the deck. That's where staff can walk along and view each nest box through a one-way glass viewing mirror.
A different view of the same building.
Five eagle breeding enclosuresThis view shows five eagle breeding enclosures.
Raptor Rehab Building
Raptor rehab buildingBirds such as eagles, owls, hawks, vultures, kestrels, and falcons that were injured are housed in this facility to recover. The goal is to release them back into the wild. There are 6 enclosures of various sizes to hold the birds. Features a roof with skylights.
Raptor - rehab buildingThe other side of the raptor rehab building
walk-in freezerA well-stocked, spacious walk-in freezer guarantees plenty of food for our birds of prey.
Quarantine-Rehab BuildingA quarantine rehab center for eagles and other raptors.

Douglas Lake Artificial Nesting/Release Tower Facility
Eaglet ReleaseAEF Eaglet Release From Hacking Tower Overlooking Douglas Lake In East Tennessee

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