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Mom and Dad Eagle - 2013

Dad Eagle ("Romeo") and Mom Eagle ("Juliet") 2013
photo: Tatine Rehm

Romeo and Juliet are a pair of wild eagles living in Northeast Florida. For seven years, they have returned to their nest, located about 80' up in a Longleaf Pine tree to begin again the cycle of nestorations, egg laying, and raising their offspring. The nest is huge, likely weighing close to a ton.

For the past eight years, Gretchen Butler (Volunteer for Audubon "EagleWatch" Program and the American Eagle Foundation "Eagle Nest Cam" Program) has closely monitored and documented important events associated with the resident eagles and their offspring. Her goal was to initiate the process for installing this eagle cam, which would allow an up-close-and-personal glimpse of these majestic Bald Eagles to a world wide audience, educating people of all ages about the USA's precious National Symbol. With the support of the American Eagle Foundation, that mission is being accomplished

In late August or early September, the eagle pair usually return to this nest to begin their nesting cycle, which includes bonding, mating, nestorations, egg-laying, incubation, hatching, and raising their brood until their youngsters fledge and are able to fend for themselves. Mom and Dad typically remain in the nest area for 30-45 days after their young have fledged/migrated, enjoying some well-deserved time alone together in their special Florida habitat. Then, Dad will head north for cooler, less humid climates first, and Mom will leave several days later. The following breeding season, they return like clockwork and start their nesting, mating, and family-raising process all over again.

This year is no different, except you (the viewer) will now be able to experience all the excitement ("Eggcitement") and nest activities without disturbing the day-to-day life of these nesting eagles through three high-definition cameras streaming amazing video images 24/7 (this also includes audio). Two cameras have Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capabilities (PTZ) and the other camera provides a wide angle view of the nest and the entire nest tree canopy.

Nesting activities will soon begin. When that happens, the cameras will "roll" and all the drama will unfold.

To access a PDF document showing detailed nest statistics from 2008 - 2015, click here.

It's a major task to install the equipment necessary to videostream a wild nest. Many people were involved, including donors, tree climbers, arborists, video camera technicians, electricians, wildlife conservation experts, property owners, cable TV technicians, webmasters, nest-watch volunteers, etc.

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